Yoga Class Review: Life in Motion: Hatha/Basic

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Life in Motion: Hatha/Basic with Nikki

Life in Motion is located 2744 Broadway between 105th and 106th street in the second floor on the Upper West Side, New York.

Studio Environment: As I walked up the stairs, before I even entered the studio, I came across signs that said neither coffee nor shoes would be allowed beyond this point. I contemplated this forced coffee ban and found myself secretly enjoying it as I left my shoes in one of the provided cubbyholes. Once I entered Life in Motion, I was immediately drawn into a place of warmth and comfort. The floors are carpeted and there are minimal decorations on the walls, proving less is more. The woman behind the desk gave me a short tour of the spinning room, the changing room as well as the mats and blankets for us to use. The exposed brick wall brought comfort to the room while the other two walls featured full-length windows with colorful drapes hanging from the high ceilings. The noise from Broadway was muted, and did not distract me during the class. The temperature remained warm, and cozy, which relaxed me instantly.

Instructor: Nikki is a sweet and friendly person who arrived early and welcomed everyone, even latecomers. Through out the class she remained focused on the breathing and movement with very little to no allusions to religious or spiritual practices. She was a comforting teaching and brought a sense of safety her students.

Class: There was a mixed demographic in my class composed of six other woman of different ages, ethnicity, and levels as well as two vastly different men. Nikki started off with having everyone tell their names and if they have an injury or physical ailment to be aware of before we start. The class was very fluid and calming with moves that were basic yet challenging at a consistent speed. This was good for a beginner, but it would require someone to have taken a yoga class before to understand how or what was going on.

The class was 90 minutes long with a good amount of time dedicated to warming up and Savasana at the end. Nikki reassured each yogi to do poses at the level in which they were comfortable with. She was hands on with her students constantly realigning their poses and providing helpful feedback. There was music playing but quietly so that I hardly noticed it was there.

Overall: This was the first yoga class I have taken since moving to New York City and previously I had been with the same instructor for years. Nikki provided a safe and welcoming environment and I would recommend her class to anyone who has some basic knowledge of yoga. The atmosphere of Life in Motion is homey and inviting, a quaint little getaway in the midst of a bustling city. 


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