Catching Up, New Job, & Fan Art!

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Hello everyone!

I know it's been much too long since I've written a blog post, but I was on a long over due mini vacation from the world. I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Creative Writing and Organizational Leadership in May. (No more writing 20 page term papers on Prostitution in the 17th Century!) I also left my regular job at a Barnes and Noble on campus, so I spent a month being productive! I got things done! I woke up every morning at seven! I ran 5 miles a day!

okay, no I didn't. Honestly I slept a lot, watched TV (I mean really Dick van Dyke back in the day was a stud), hung out with my friends in the city, and applied to jobs like no tomorrow. I wrote a library of cover letters and devoured sites such as and searching for a job in New York City that I would love to go to everyday. The sleeping a lot part was great, but the job market is fierce! I busted my ass off though, applying to no less than 20 jobs a week. 

To my surprise, the difficult part wasn't finding someone to hire me, it was finding a job that paid more than $10 an hour! So many companies want to start you off as an intern and then "maybe" (more than often not) hire you after your time is up. It was extremely frustrating to say the least.

However, I am very happy to say that I found my dream job in Manhattan and I start this up coming Monday. I can't say much about it yet, except that its a social media and event planning position for Thank you so, SO much to everyone who has helped me with the job search and gave me such outstanding references! 

So what else is going on? 

With Kristin & Len
I've recently befriended one of my favorite writers, Len N. Wallace who wrote Love Buzz. This book has always meant a lot to me and it's pretty insane that we're friends now! He even had brunch with Kristin and I the other weekend where we swamped books and movie recommendations. By the way, have you guys met Kristin yet? She's the Gwen Stacy to my MJ, Tinkerbell to my Wendy! Kristin (@dramaqueen327) is the coolest geek girl in New York and my future roommate in the city. We are already planning on having the geekiest apartment this summer.

BEA after party hosted by DC Comics!

Kristin and I also attended BookExpo America with Cassie (@yrchmonger) and Pietro (@poni_boy) where we all took home bags and bags of free books! Pietro and my dad are huge fans of the author Lee Child so we waited in a very long line to meet him. The signed book for my dad was too good of a Father' Day present to wait until this weekend to give to him. For once I was able to surprise my Dad with a gift he thought wasn't the typical cheesy gift.

I know my Twitter has been down for about a week now. It's because my account was accidentally mixed in with a bot sweep, but as of the latest email I received, it should be up and running quite soon! HUGE thank you to everyone who has tweeted at Twitter support and apparently started #SaveBookishBelle. Seeing that hashtag made my heart melt.

There are a few other adventures that I found myself in during the past month, but those will have to wait to be told. Instead I will leave you with an incredible drawing my dear friend El Hino did of me as a pin up Captain America!

Isn't it just beautiful? He has done many other sketches of me, but this one is for sure my favorite. You can find his other work at

Until next time, Tootles!


  1. This totally made my day, Zoë! You and Kristin rock and I'm proud to have you both as friends.

  2. Once again, Zoë, I'm so happy for you that you found a job, and I'm very glad to see you blogging again! :-)

  3. Congrats on your new job and thanks for the update on your twitter issues. Glad to hear that it should be resolved soon. Twitter is a much more boring place without you!