Company Spotlight: 'Pawalla'

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Now most of us geeks are also pet owners. We love having furry companions that act as side kicks on our adventures. My black cat Pan is around 4 months now, and I enjoy spoiling this furball of claws. That's why one of my favorite themes for a subscription box, is Pawalla. They cater to dog or cat owners, and when you sign up you tell them what kind of cat you own, how old they are and how much they weigh. In turn they send you products that are most suitable for your pet!

When I received my box I immediately noticed how great the packaging is and was impressed with the organic products inside. As soon as I opened up this box Pan jumped in and attacked the tissue paper. The blue cat nip toy is still one of her favorites to play with.

The box came with 
- 4 cans of wet cat food
- bottle of "Meowstard" to put on food
- packet of freeze dried chicken snacks
- another bag of chicken treats
- a pack of 10 litter bags 
- cat nip toy

At $26 a box, including shipping, there is a lot in here that pet owners can benefit from! You can purchase a few different ways from Pawalla. If you join month to month the price is $26 but if you purchase a year in advance it's $21 a month. This is an easy way to spoil your pet every month, or to even show some love to a pet in someone else's life such a long distance significant other or your mom's dog.

There is also now Pawalla Mini! You get one treat, one toy, and one surprise for your pet! This option is more my style because it's affordable and I would rather spend my money on cat food I know Pan will eat for sure. The prices for the mini subscription are: $12 if you buy for 12 months, $13 if you buy for 6 months, or $14 a month if you buy month to month and all have Free Shipping. 

You can join Pawalla on their site, check them out on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

If you are a dog or cat owner, what type of products would you like to see in a monthly box?

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  1. This is such a great idea and I love the picture of Pan in the box!