2nd Day of Christmas: Starbucks 12 Days of Christmas

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Starbucks, despite the over priced drinks and designer label, is a company that I gladly support and will continue giving my money to because of their dedication to their customers. Walking into a Starbucks (one every four blocks in New York City) during the holiday season is the equivalent to being hugged by a Norse God: warm, abundantly in your face, and always welcome. Decorations everywhere, stacks of red coffee mugs and themed teddy bears. Obnoxious Christmas music from every genre is played over head and the baristas have on Santa hats or reindeer horns. This excessiveness makes me incredibly happy.

One of the best parts about Starbucks during the holidays is the 12 Days of Christmas deals. For example, on Dec 1st, 2012 Day 1:Purchase any mug and get a free Grande Espresso Drink. and Today's (Dec 2nd) Day 2: Free Starbucks VIA 12-Pack with purchase of one Starbucks VIA 12-Pack or Free tin of Tazo tea with purchase of one tin of Tazo tea.

Everyday until December 12th there will be similar deals that you can look up each morning of either in your local store, on their Facebook or on Twitter. I find this to be an excellent marketing strategy and I appreciate that the deals are worthy. I needed more instant coffee packs so I bought today's deal. That's 24 cups of Starbucks coffee for $12, much cheaper than if I were to go to the store every single day.
So keep an eye out for the upcoming deals and try out their Christmas Blend flavor coffee, it's my favorite. Also- thank your baristas for being so wonderful! It's a hectic time of year and they do so much work. I'd like to thank Alyssa @Instalyssa, the most cheerful Starbucks worker on Twitter and one of my favorite tweeters. Also to @PatrickJCurley for running the best Starbucks in my hometown. He does a perfect Wolverine cosplay when he isn't making excellent chai tea lattes. 
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