3rd Day of Christmas: River by Robert Downey Jr.

, by Zoë Gulliksen

My favorite Christmas song, as well as one of the most played songs on my iTunes, is "River" by Robert Downey Jr. Not many people know that Tony Stark is an incredible singer and piano player. He  played the character Larry Paul on season four of "Ally McBeal'. 

Larry Paul often sings and plays the piano for Ally, including this heart breaking tune. His rendition of the Joni Mitchell classic has so much emotion behind it, that one cannot but feel that he felt the regret sung about in the song.

Take a listen, yet I warn ye gentle reader. This may break all hearts.

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  1. I like to imagine that become ordained online the poem is a first-hand account by one of the shepherds who visited the newborn Jesus in the stable and was wending his weary way home on the very first Christmas morning.