1st Day of Christmas: Candy Cane Cat Collar

, by Zoë Gulliksen

For the past two years I have done special holiday blog posts celebrating my favorite time of year. I write about the little things that make of the month of December in order to help spread my good cheer. I also have invited my friends (near and far, online and down the street) to share their stories about the holidays as well. 

This year I am attempting to write a short post for every 25 days leading up to Christmas. A massive FEAT I am undertaking, but if anyone can do it, this girl can. So hold onto your white trimmed red hats and elf ears and let's begin.

1st Day of Christmas: Candy Can Cat Collar.

I recently adopted a little black kitten named Pan (After Pan Am the airline and Pan from ‘His Dark Materials’). I have wanted a cat for a LONG time but my tiny New York apartment building doesn't allow any pets…
However one of my bosses found three kittens in a garbage can last week and they desperately needed homes so I adopted one on the spot. However she is staying at Pietro’s apartment because he works from home and has a dog named Robin that Pan get along with marvelously so she’s never lonely. I love her to pieces and is the most adorable creature on the planet.
She got out of the apartment the other day and we couldn’t find her for 20 minutes, I practically died from worry. However a neighbor had her, I bought a Christmas collar with a HUGE bell for her and glued it to her face.
Now ninja cat cannot get lost ever again and she is forced to partake in the holiday season every second of every day.

I invite all of you to submit your little stories about this time of year and I will post them here on my blog! Here are some highlights from previous year's:


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