“Born This Way” Book Review & Giveaway

, by Zoë Gulliksen

“Nobody is better than you, and you’re no better than anyone else.”  

            “Born This Way” by Paul Vitagliano from Quirk Books is a timeline of pictures and snippets from the 1940s to the 2000s of gay adults reflecting back at their childhoods. Not all knew at a young age that they were gay, sometimes their parents and peers knew way before they did, but all agree that they were this way from the beginning.

            The stories range from different time periods and locations from around the world recalling childhoods of both females and males who identify as gay. The stories are everywhere from sad and endearing to upbeat and reflective. I even found a tale from someone named “Perez” who greatly resembled Perez Hilton- a pleasant surprise to see a famous personality include his story in this book. Each snippet is accompanied by only a first name and the age of themselves in their childhood picture so I couldn’t find any other famous names, but maybe you can!

            Aesthetically it’s a great little book: a regular sized coffee table book to give to your friends or family to show your support or just because you love them for being who they are. Even as someone who isn’t gay I found great inspiration reading stories from people who aren’t afraid to just be themselves no matter what. And because I love my readers exactly as you are, I’m giving away this copy to one of you!

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