Baruchel Interview Update, New Site, & New Glasses!

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Lot's of exciting things coming up!

My Jay Baruchel interview is now this Friday, so please let me know what questions I should ask him! And if I have time for him to record my voice mail, what should I have him say?

I also have a huge announcement! I will be the Editor-in-Chief of a new geek centric site called CulturShock! It will be under the umbrella of the Daily BLAM! family and will focus mainly on the geek community. I have my team of initial writers more or less gathered and I've been chatting with them all morning on what we want to have on this site. For updates, check the twitter account!

CulturSHOCK logo!
What topics would YOU guys like to read about? You can leave ideas in the comments below or email me at I'm really looking forward to this huge step because this site will be something that is all my own that no one can take from me. And that feeling is extremely important to me. 

I've had to make a lot of important and difficult decisions this week, both professionally and personally. It's hard to admit to yourself that something will not be beneficial in the long run, but I am certain that it's all for the best. 

However, my favorite thing that has happened this week? I finally bought a new pair of glasses. They make me feel edgy and nerdy and professional all at once. Can't argue with that =P

Hope you're all doing well, and keep in touch through email/twitter/facebook!


  1. Once again, congratulations on the new site, Zoë! I have full confidence that you'll do an awesome job with it.

    With regards to topics for the site, I'm sure you'll be devoting plenty of time to comics and other literature, as well as film & TV, but I also think it'd be cool if you had someone regularly comment on news within the video game community, as well as tech gadget news.

    However you decide to organize things, I'm sure it'll be awesome! :-)

  2. Wow a site all to yourself... taking over the world huh? Well I'm glad you got something that your baby and we at The Evil TeddyBear Podcast wish you luck, which mean just my friend Thomas and I wish you luck. Can't wait to see what you bring to CulturShock. Oh by the way nice glasses.