My #ThorDad Now Has A Twitter Account

, by Zoë Gulliksen

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you would know the reoccurring hash tag #ThorDad pertains to my father, who is 6 feet four inches tall, and 100% Norwegian. He has longish blonde hair, a blonde beard and ice blue eyes. He is infamous in my town for looking (and sounding like) Thor from the comics and movie. The baristas at my Starbucks call him that and many a times my mom has had cashiers at stores tell her how lucky she is that her husband looks like Thor.

Now my dad is also known for saying weird shit. He thinks everyone is an idiot and asks me nearly every morning why I dress like I'm homeless. His goal in life is be just like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

The best comparison to my dad is Roxanne's Dad in A Goofy Movie. I couldn't find a quality video to show you, but those of you who have seen the film would understand. He would have no problem telling a guy that showed up at my house that I don't live there.

The point is, I have finally made my #ThorDad a twitter account. It was at my mom's suggestion and she thinks it'll be easier to tweet all the weird shit he says. My family is pretty cool, I mean it's not every day that your mom texts you to create a twitter account for your dad...

So go follow him already! It's @Thor_Dad ( I promise everything he says on that account are things he says in real life.

This is a small picture of my dad with my younger brother:

<----------- Dad

movie Thor--------->

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  1. Yep, your dad definitely looks like Thor! He also looks unmistakably like a man whom I would never, ever, EVER under any circumstances want to pi** off! :-)