On How Kevin Smith Said I Was "Perfect".

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Back in early June 2011, I was sitting in my basement on a Monday night watching scary movies with my best friend Angela, my brother JonErik and three or four of his friends. My other best friend Giovanni texted me to check my email. In this email were details on how director Kevin Smith was holding auditions for a reality show that was to take place at his comic shop in Red Bank, New Jersey.

I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith. Zack & Miri Make a Porno is one of my favorite films of all time, and the speech from Chasing Amy is hanging on my wall. He is a super geek and from Jersey, obviously the only things he & I need to have in common. I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Smith earlier that year for Midtown Comics and I fangirled out, as shown above^

I am also a huge fan of the town of Red Bank.  I have spent a lot time in the area where this comic shop, The Secret Stash, was located. I bought my first surf board across the street at Jack's (the music shop in Chasing Amy). Down the block I sat three rows behind Bruce Springsteen at a movie screening of a surfing movie. I hung out in this town, I ate lunch at the Surf Taco next door, I've bought comics & merch from this comic shop. I was meant to be on this show. I quickly emailed the company with a short bio about myself explaining why I should be on this show and pictures of myself.

Long story short, Giovanni & I were called in to audition two days later & we both had friends drive us down there. He traveled four hours, I traveled 45 minutes. We auditioned and I was chosen to be the girl on the show.

Much later, the pilot episode was filmed and Kevin Smith saw this first cut of the pilot. On his podcast, he said the following of me:

The following is the complete clip of that audio file that morning about the pilot:

Huge thanks to Adam Wells who not only heard this podcast, but sent me these links, fully edited, so I could show my mom who cried and instantly became the biggest Kevin Smith fan ever.

However, due to the new direction of the show, I will not be on the series now titled "Comic Book Men" which airs on AMC on February 12th, 2012. But I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by everyone involved! I have not been able to talk about this gigantic event until today, and its kind of nice to be able to finally casually ( not so casually) say smoothly (not really smoothly at all) that Kevin fucking Smith said I was perfect.

That's all. Oh, and Jen? If you still want a girl to work for the company, drop me a line. Seriously, I love you guys<3


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    1. Hey you should check out BRYWALTQ's response to your article. At http://smodcast.com/episodes/he-man-woman-haters-club/

  2. Totally cool that you got to work with them but bumskies on the outcome.

  3. D: Not cool! He did call you perfect, though. :3 THAT is cool. And you had a great opportunity. <3

  4. Proud of you hun :) I think it worked out best for everyone involved AND you got to rub KSmith's belly

  5. And now I start gathering my cast for Comic Book Women. Much more interesting show.

  6. from what ive been reading of Kevins answers to alot of peoples ?'s/tweets about the loss of the women in the show, he seems to be saying season 2 would be where they get more into the ladies of the shop, any chance theyll ask you back for that? and would you want to? and sorry you got cut.

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  8. I would def love to see a chick at the stash. I haven't been there myself yet, and its on my list of places to go, that and midtown comics next time I'm in New York but I think its always interesting getting a woman's output on Nerddom and Geekdom of it all.

  9. I think its great that you had a chance to work at The Stash. Some how when I heard about it I'd figure you would go for it. Anyway I always like to see a woman's outlook on comics or Nerdom or Geekdom bc I rarely see it where I live... maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Idk.

  10. It would have been nice if they cast you. (p.s. I found your blog via @ActionChick)