A Normal Week

, by Zoë Gulliksen

What a crazy packed week this has been. On Tuesday I had the honor of attending Kitty Bradshaw's Blogger's Party, in which she invited 45 of NYC's most elite bloggers for a gift suite! A very detailed blog about that is in the works, look for it soon!

After the party I met up with some of the best, Pietro (@poni_boy) my partner in crime, and one of the craziest girls I know Cathy (@ARMORSonly) at a bar in Times Square. It was pouring and beautiful, a normal Tuesday night.

Then on Thursday I had yet another crazy day, as always. I had two classes in the morning before hopping on a bus to Manhattan. I had a top secret meeting at Midtown Comics in Times Square, and when I can share those details with you I will. Afterwards Pietro and I attended a book signing at one of the most beautiful book stores I have ever been to, The Rizzoli.

After the book signing we rushed to a screening of Spielberg's Warhorse where we met up with our trio companion Giovanni (@MarioPrime). Warhorse was....bad. And unnecessary.  I will leave it at that for now. You can expect our full reviews on The Daily Blam! soon enough hahaha

Yesterday, Friday was another eventful day. I took my brother and three of his friends to a party at Angela's house. For those of you that follow me on twitter, you know that these teenage boys are infamous for sleeping over when they hear Angela is sleeping over. It started when over a year ago they all happened to be staying over the same night. Everyone hit it off smashingly, staying up until 4am watching low budget scary movies on Netflix. Ever since then it has become a ritual, Angela & myself plus up to 7 high school boys.

Now most of them are in college but they're all still very awesome<3 Angela is in fact going to one of their senior prom's this year!
The party was a lot of fun, mostly just people that Angela and I work with. Our old boss even came and brought his karaoke machine, which turned out to be a mess, as expected for drunk college kids. Overall good night! Now tonight Giovanni and Pietro are coming all the way out to Jersey for Cassie (@yrchmonger) & Ken's (@HerderOfNerfs) engagement party!!


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