Fitness Review: Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast DVD

, by Zoë Gulliksen

This Body Blast DVD is part of the Ballet Beautiful Collection and came out in 2012. Ballet Beautiful was created by Mary Helen Bowers, a professional ballerina, who wanted to provide "techniques to build and maintain the beauty, strength and grace of a ballerina." I have never done a ballet work out before but the cover boasted a work out that would leave me with lean and toned muscles instead of bulky ones. 

I am all for this!

The work out includes a "15 Minutes Ballet Beautiful Body Blast", a 15 minute "Swan Arms", and Butt Series Part 1 and 2. (This is not a porno, I swear). I am now obsessed with these workouts. The Swan Arms kicked my ass the first time and this is the greatest work out my arms have ever had. The moves are graceful and simple yet they leave me sweating my sore the next day. They are also so simple that I don't need the DVD to do the work out if I'm short on time or away from my computer. 

The Body Blast is short enough that I don't feel like quitting half way through and the Butt Series are like pilates on speed. I had to do the moves in front of the mirror to make sure I was doing them correctly enough because there was no way I looked as graceful with my ass in the air as Bowers did. 

I love this workout and I highly recommend it to everyone wanting an non scary work out DVD experience (Hello Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred). Good news is, you can own it yourself for only $8.86 over at Amazon.

Stars: 4.5


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