A Look Back At Better Times: #NYCC 2011

, by Zoë Gulliksen

This is my last week of classes for this semester, also known as hell week full of cramming for exams and doing pointless projects. In lue of this misery I figured I could take a moment to reminisce on better times: Like Comic Con!

I mean, at Comic Con I met Chris Evans, was in a Marvel photoshoot in my Peggy Carter costume, and ran around like a Pokemon. Life doesn't get much better than that. If you missed my recap of #NYCC 2011, here it is for your reading pleasure! Glad to be of aid to your procrastination.

"Here is my breakdown of New York's largest comic book-centric geek culture convention, which this year added plenty more movie and TV happenings than every before. How does it compare to the San Diego's International Comic Con, follow the jump to find out!"

Thursday: The best part of the new added Thursday is how empty everything was. It was worth going just to see the floors and the booths without the over packed “This is SUCH a fire hazard!” feeling. The artist alley was near empty with no lines for all the incredible people that made appearances. Simone Legno, the Italian creator and artist of the phenomenon Tokidoki, was all by himself at the company's booth. Being a huge fan of his Marvel work I kinda fangirled out, asking him to draw me a sketch of his Captain America. Legno was more than happy to (even saying that Cap was his favorite one) which caused me to go buy the same t-shirt he was wearing.

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