The Gulliksen Family's 2011 Christmas Photo

, by Zoë Gulliksen

As the previous post explained, my family does an infamous Christmas card every year. The 2012 edition is the below:

On the police line from left to right is my brother's best friend Danny (who is practically living at my house), my brother JonErik, my sister Maya and myself. 

Now this card was sent out with the tagline: "Its been a rough year..." which left it open to interpretation. What we view the card as is, each kid put on something that represent each of us. Danny and JonErik go surfing every Friday (even in the freezing weather), my brother is total goofball who likes making fun of himself. That mustchae is fake, Maya drew it on with eyeliner. Maya herself plays field hockey all the damn time and beats boys up. Me? I'm in my Peggy Carter costume on my iPad, which I think says enough.

Because the outtakes were much funnier than the actual picture, here are some of the highlights for your viewing pleasure.

All I can say is that my family is nuts. And my brother has dreams of being Borat/Bruno/ every characters Sacha Baron Cohen does. Ever.

Huge thanks to John from Daily Blam who photoshopped the background in for us! Nearly every family member asked my mom if it was shot in a real police station. Not this year! ;)

Happy Holidays!


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