The Infamous Gulliksen Family Christmas Picture

, by Zoë Gulliksen

In the previous two years my family has been known to send out ridiculous Christmas cards. It all started when one year my brother JonErik (now 18), my sister Maya (now 13 and myself (now 21) were tired of trying to pose for those dumb ass "traditional" family photos. We are not the kind who wear matching sweaters or even look happy during pictures. Frankly we get annoyed, we hate standing still and we can't keep a straight face to save our lives.

My mom tried for over an hour to take a normal picture which looked like this:

Although nice, my mom did not think it represented who her kids were at all. Except maybe for the fact that JonErik's boxers were hanging out. We began brain storming ideas. I suggested since that there was nearly three feet of snow outside and because JonErik was diagnosed with pneumonia, we should all go outside in our bathing suits.

Being the absurd family we are, we did just that:

We grabbed one of our surfboards, threw it out in the snow and went at it. In Maya's hand is my Dad's Indiana Jones whip by the way. This card caused such a commotion on my mom's filipino side of the family. One older aunt even asked my mom if the theme for the card was "S&M". Seriously.

And so the next year we decided to keep the tradition. My parents are huge Beatles fans and they decided for some reason we should dress up as the famous foursome, recreating their roof top scene:

After having a friend of mine bribe a janitor of a building at my college for the key to the rooftop, we grabbed our Beatles Rockband kit and snuck onto a roof.

We even had friends Max & Vera guest star was Paul and Billy Preston, who was nicknamed the 5th Beatle because he had played with them for so long. Then Maya was Ringo, I was Lennon and JonErik was George. 

This year is much more.....hilarious. Ridiculous. Absurd. And out of control. On Christmas Day I will reveal it, but I cannot before then, just in case. I don't want to spoil it for all my family & friends who might be reading this. But trust me, you'll like it. I can tell you I am wearing my Peggy Carter uniform =)


  1. omg that is absolutely hilarious!!! i cant believe how old you're siblings are! also you guys are absolutely crazyyy, haha!

  2. The Beatles pic is pretty much the best thing ever.