Motivational Mondays: Pat Loika, Comic Book Expert Extraordinaire!

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Happy Monday guys! This week's motivational interview is with Pat Loika, known for his charming interactions both online and in person as well as his astounding comic book collection. Pat lives in San Diego, CA (home base to the mecca of nerdom) and spends his time as a writer, illustrator, and podcaster. He is a wonderful person and a stellar artist that inspires me to be a better person and geek!

1.) You have a predominant voice in the comic book community, how do you interact with other fans? 

I'm mostly known for my online interactions. I started through creator forums, but now I primarily do it through social networking like Twitter and Facebook. Of course, the podcast adds another dimension to all of it since I get to chat with creators. I enjoy chatting with other fans who enjoy the same things I like, and being able to interact with the folks that make comics. I've been blessed with the good kind of notoriety, thankfully! 

2.) You have the most impressive comic book collection I've ever seen! How many trades do you have? Any all time favorites? 

Heh. I have about 4,000 trade paperbacks/hardcover books, and about 4 longboxes of single issues. I love getting the oversized hardcovers and omnibus books. They just look cool on a shelf, and it's always to read an entire run by certain creators all in one book. Some favorites include the Fear Agent Library Edition HC and the Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus. 

3.) You have recently have decided to make a huge life changing decision, tell me a bit about this process you're going though. 

I got hospitalized last October and learned that I am diabetic. Throughout my hospital stay, I lost a considerable amount of weight. I came out of the hospital realizing what I needed to change, and it was the amount of food I take in. It was tough to limit myself, it was tough to not drink soda...but it was worth it. I'm now a hundred pounds lighter than I was a year ago. Never thought that getting hospitalized could be the best thing that could happen to my health...and it was. 

4.) What advice would you give those new to the geek community, and how to find others who share their interests? 

Focus on talking about the things you like, and be respectful of what others enjoy, too. People will more than likely converse with you and geek out on how much you loved the new issue of X-Men, and people will be likely to just ignore you when you're complaining about a tiny continuity gaffe. Enjoy the books you like and keep things positive. You make more friends that way. 

 5.) Tell me a crazy story about something you've seen!

I've seen a LOT in my time. The convention stories I have could fill up an entire book! If you ever see me at a con, ask me in person. :)

Make sure you check out Pat on Twitter and on his Instagram where he posts beautiful pictures of San Diego and various conventions!


  1. coming up empty so far... looking for a comic book from my childhood read in 1977 I believe. the comic cover had a giant grass hopper being ridden by the hero/ big ripped guy , perhaps with a saddle on the grasshopper. the story itself was about these grass hoppers taking over. . . not much to go on...