Lost in Manhattan: Dirty Underwear & The Tardis

, by Zoë Gulliksen

I wasn’t 100% convinced about the blogging project. I didn’t want something else that I would eventually find boring and abandon yet again. However, I bounced the idea off an almost friend of mine that I met in my building this past february February.

Parker 1 and I had met in the elevator: both of us holding bags of laundry and neither making eye contact. Except, nothing can stop a girl when she feels the need to fangirl out. In this incident, it was over my signed Captain America bag I had been wearing.  After the exasperated exchange of “where did you this bag!” (Etsy) “Did he really touch that bag?” (Yes) we warily tested the waters of social interaction that geeks sometimes find hard to do.

We bonded over the Marvel movies and the men who star in them while washing our dirty underwear in the basement laundry room.  Parker and I are of the same breed, though our sections of fangirling varied slightly: she was obsessed with 'Doctor Who', 'Sherlock', & 'Supernatural' and yaoi 2drawings of her favorite characters. I didn’t watch those shows but we agreed on the important things such as one fucks Han Solo, marries Malcolm Reynolds, and Kills Mr. Darcy.

Since then, sometimes we’ll text each other to see if the other wanted to do laundry together.  We also follow each other on Tumblr, but I didn’t know a lot about Parker. That is, until I brought up my blog project idea over laundry yesterday. She was immediately drawn to my idea because, much like most of our generation, we all were desperately curious as to what each other were up to. Parker liked reading blogs because a.) She was a self-confessed snoop and b.) She liked talking with other people who were in a LDR.

I didn’t know this, but apparently Parker was in the most modern of all romances: she was in a long distance relationship with someone she had met off of Tumblr.  Now this is something I wanted to write about because I loved hearing about couples that met off the Internet.

I probed her for more details and the jest of it was this:  Last August Parker started talking frequently with a mop top boy from the Great White North (Canada). They shared a rather obsessive (my wording) love of Doctor Who, and quickly fell "in love" but have yet to actually meet each other. However, they had plans to cosplay together at San Diego Comic Con this July.

It was hard wrapping my mind around the fact that they were maintaining a relationship that didn’t include any physical touch. In response to this, Parker admitted to spending the majority of her time on Skype that occasionally included “cam and phone sex”.  She also argued that due to her thesis and multiple jobs, she didn’t have much energy or the funds for a live in boyfriend. This situation gave her the emotional support she needed without having to spend too much time away from her computer.

I asked her if I could use her for my project and she agreed, but with some hesitation. I wouldn’t use their real names (of course), due to the fact that she has to keep her relationship a secret. Her boyfriend was “kind of Tumblr famous” for his 10th Doctor cosplay.  She didn’t want anymore hate mail than she already receives from girls who are suspicious of their online flirting. 

“I shall call him The Tardis,” I promised. And it was so.

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1 All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved. Under no circumstances will I reveal their personal information, including Twitter handles and photos of mentioned individuals.

2 Yaoi, also known as Boys’ Love, is a Japanese popular term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male androphillic sexual relationships, usually created by female authors.


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