Motivational Mondays: Fit Fan Girl Sara

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Keeping up with Motivational Mondays, this week's inspiration for me is Sara Krueger, a super fangirl as well as total fitness badass. Since 2008 she has lost and kept off 90lbs! Sara tweets everyday about the everyday life of being a geek who also kick ass in the gym and at home. She especially inspires me for her 100% enthusiasm and positivity on Twitter with her goofy pictures dedicated to both geekery and fitness. Here is more about her:

You have gone on an incredible fitness journey, what was the turning point in your life that made you want to change? What inspired you? 

I was in the dressing room at my favorite store in the mall.  At that time my baby girl was 3 months old and I was ready to attempt to go jean shopping for the first time in what seemed like forever! I grabbed the usual 15/16 size jeans I always bought over the last 5 years, took them into the dressing room, slid my feet in, stood up, and the jeans didn't even make it up my thighs. You know that feeling when you get dumped, or when your crush rejects you, that is the exact feeling. I just sobbed into my hooded sweatshirt so nobody could hear me. I knew if I wanted to leave with new jeans, I would have to bump up to a size 17/18, which was NOT happening. THAT was my turning point! I refused to buy the next size up and I swore to myself the next time I entered that dressing room with jeans I was going to slip them right on and they will be in a size 13/14.

As far as bring inspired, that same day I went home, got online and just literally Googled "weight loss stories".  I came across one blog who was run by a college student.  She had lost 50lbs on her own while in school, and documented her entire journey. She took pictures of EVERYTHING! Her food, her cute workout clothes, post workout sweaty pics, her goal swim suit, what was inside of her fridge, and how she managed to lose weight and keep it off all while being a full time college student. She wasn't a mom. She wasn't a wife.  She didn't have a personal trainer. She was never a contestant on a weight loss relaity show with camera in her face for a million dollar prize.  She exposed her raw self for the world to see. That's when I thought, "Ya know what?  It's my turn!" That girl's blog was the start of my inspiration to get my ass moving! That was back in 2008. Since then, I can't even count how many people on a daily basis inspire me :) My daughter and husband first and foremost, as they have been my biggest supporters since day one!

Your handle on Twitter is @Fit_Fangirl, how has being a fangirl motivated you to stay in shape? 

I always stay true to who I am. Be the best version of me. I wanted to expose my journey to others out there who are just as driven and passionate about being a fangirl/fanboy but who also may be struggling with their body weight/image. When you think "fitness" do you really think of a chick in in a STAR WARS shirt and kneehigh R2D2 socks? Probably not. Which is why I ensure I stay true to my own "fitness swag" where I show  that you can be a nerdy fangirl and be able to rock out a 5K in cute geek-chic style! I want to show the world that you can get fit, live a healthy lifestyle and not change who you are! I am from Wisconsin, so I wasn't ever giving up my cheese! I'm a brat-eating-beer-drinkin-fangirl from the midwest and proud of it! I never plan on changing that either, so if I never have ripped "Dark Knight" armor suit abs then so be it! 

What are your favorite parts about being a fangirl?

Being considred a "rare breed" The girl who wears a Batman shirt on date night, the office chick who has the cool Darth Vader candy dish at work, the estrogen that dons a Rebel Alliance tattoo on the back of her neck, and given the choice between attending Fashion Week or Comic Con .. clearly we all know where I'm headed!

What are your top favorite comic books or movies?

I will openly admit I'm not hardcore into comics .. but .. I do appreciate anything by Frank Miller & Robert Kirkman. As far as movies goes...Star Wars, Batman (1989), Tron, Sin City, LOTR trilogy, Star Trek (JJ Abrams), Demolition Man, The Dark Knight trilogy, all the Alien movies, all the Predator movies, Mission Impossible 4, The Hunger Games, Prometheus, V for Vendetta, TROY, 300, and I have HUGE fangirl love for anything Disney & Pixar!

I love your geek style! Where do you find all your awesome clothes, especially those socks! 

Ha! Who me? Are you kidding me? I wanna raid YOUR closet girl :) All of my geeky kneehigh socks are from, a dangerous website for this fangirl! That site has so much awesome stuff! A lot of my shirts I end up finding at garage sales during the summer months, I tend land comic/movie tshirts for less then a buck! I always like to hit up the "mens" section at stores like Target or Old Navy. They always seem to have great selection of "geeky" shirts and in which I just end up grabbing a small that fits great!

You can find Sara on Twitter at @Fit_FanGirl
and on her facebook page at

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  1. Incredibly proud of you, babe! And it should be mentioned that she pays it forward every single day, helping motivate those around her, holding them accountable and keeping them active. She often says she’d like to start a revolution, to which I say “you already have.” I am but one of the many that has caught the "fitness bug" from this lovely lady, and the ripple effect is just getting started.

    So props to you, my dear! And Zoë, thanks for recognizing her and her accomplishments; she’s worked very hard and has certainly earned it!