Bookish Journal #5: A Typical Not So Typical Day

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Today was one of the more chaotic days in my life. I had to take my cat in for surgery and then had two press events before going to work at night. I love being a freelance journalist because it means I have the time to be a part of the movie industry that not many people get to do.

First off though, I dropped my cat Pan off at the veterinarian to be spayed at 8 in the morning. I admit that I was incredibly nervous about leaving her for the first time. I have never thought myself to be maternal but in so many ways this cat has become a soul mate of mine and I was worried. But the deed had to be done so I hugged her goodbye and took the subway downtown to the first event.

Earlier this week I saw a screening of 'Stoker', a psychological thriller of sorts from critically acclaimed director Park Chan-Wook. It stars Mia Wasikowska as a young woman who discovers a dark past about her family as well as haunting secret about herself. Nicole Kidman plays her fragile mother and Matthew Goode as her seductive uncle. Today's press event included interviews with the director, Goode, and supposedly Wasikowska but she failed to show at the last moment which is typical of these events unfortunately enough.

Director Park was so inspiring to listen to as he spoke about his interpretation of a script and the message he wants to get across to audience. Goode is simply a great guy who was quick to defend his performance in 'Watchmen', even though that had nothing to do with this movie. You'll be able to read the interviews in full on The Daily BLAM soon.

Afterwards I had to go uptown to The Playwright Irish Pub for the press day for '21 And Over', a new comedy by the writers of 'The Hangovers'.  Usually press events are held as expensive hotels such as The Waldorf or The Ritz-Carlton, but this one was held at a bar! I loved the set up of beer cups, mardi gras beads, with poker chips and cards. 

I was most excited to meet Miles Tellers, who plays Miller in '21 And Over' because of his previous roles as playing Willard in 'Footloose' both on broadway and in the 2011 remake. Against popular opinion I love the hell out of the remake, especially the character of Willard because he was always my favorite part of the show and Tellers portrayed him perfectly. At the end of the interview I was able to tell him this and he signed my blu-ray of 'Footloose'. He also complimented me on my Iron Man phone case and called me a "pretty nerd". Another celebrity crush met!

Right after this interview I had to race across Manhattan to pick up Pan from the vet and bring her home. She has a shaved stomach and isn't feeling well, but is especially pissed for having to wear a collar around her neck. She is still however as feisty as ever playing with her toys so I'm not worried.

And so that is a typical day for me, in the way that none of my days are very typical. I don't have a set schedule which makes life interesting. If you're been keeping up with my latest blog posts then you'll notice that today I did not mention the detox I have been currently doing. I realized that after I felt so sick yesterday that I needed not to put so much stress on my body. I will continue eating better and eating as clean as possible, but I'm going to add coffee back into my diet (Thank god!) The detox was worth it because I did lose weight and I learned more about how to balance my diet. I just did not enjoy eating the same foods over and over again.

That's all for tonight, until next time!


  1. Sounds like you had a super busy day! I hope your kitty's okay.

  2. Hi,

    I realize that you did this detox quite a while ago, but I am so glad you posted this regarding the detox. I also purchased the detox last weekend for $8, and am currently on day 3. I am feeling exactly how you felt. I cant bring myself to eat my lunch because I had it for dinner twice already. I was doing some research about other reviews for the detox, and I came across your page. Thanks for posting! I thought it was just me...