Walk Jog Run App Review

, by Zoë Gulliksen

I was very excited when I discovered that the people behind WalkJogRun.net had made an iPhone app. In college I would document my runs on their site to determine how far my work out was and approximately how many calories I burned.

With this app I am able to plan my run ahead of time in my neighborhood to make sure I do a full 5K, or I can run without a plan and see how much distance I covered when I'm done thanks to the GPS. When I "Finish" a workout I am given a synopsis of my work out including a map of where I went, the distance, the pacing per mile, the duration, and how many calories I burned. 

After each run I like to take a screen cap of this data (minus the map to prevent stalkers from seeing my run) and pair it with a picture something I saw on my run. I then share the collage on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to document my progress. The app is updated regularly and I have not experienced any glitches yet.

I live on a tight budget but the WalkJogRun app is worth the $4.99 price tag, even for someone like myself who never purchases apps.


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