2013 in Movies: "My Blueberry Nights"

, by Zoë Gulliksen

The second film I watched tonight was "My Blueberry Nights". This film came out in 2007 and stars my favorite musician Norah Jones (which is why I wanted to see it so badly) as well as Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz. According to IMDB the plot is described as "A young woman takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way."

Quick Review: This is a very simple movie that feels almost shallow. Norah Jones is sweet in this movie and feels as though she is acting as herself, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Her character was just not given enough material for Jones to work with. The story is sweet and had potential but it was just not enough. Portman and Weisz are brilliant as always, and Law is very endearing as the owner of a New York City cafe that befriends Jones. However, the film left me unsatisfied and rather bored. 

Also, awful title. Sounds like a porno.

Stars: 2

P.S. -I looked up the cafe featured in the movie because I wanted to check it out in person, however it has been turned into a hair salon. *sigh*


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