Day 5 of Christmas: Tiffany's, The New York Public Library, & Lee Pace

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Apparently last year, Tiffany & Co put together their annual holiday campaign and titled it, "Some Holidays Are Unforgettable". It is described as: "French model Laetitia Casta and actor Lee Pace, are lovers romancing their way through a snow-covered New York City, visiting the Empire State Building, Central Park and the New York City Library, with Nat King Cole crooning “The Very Thought of You".

When I first saw the pictures for this campaign mere moments ago, my heart nearly melted out of my pores and I could have died in a blissful state of being. This campaign combines a select few of my true loves together in one perfect, robin's egg blue package. First off, Christmas in New York City is the time of year that I live for. New York in the summer is brutal and rather disgusting. However, walking down 5th avenue in December is a most magical and serene moment worth living through endless 101 degree August days.

Now you combine this with Tiffany's, you've got pure magic. The only expensive jewelry I own is from Tiffany's and I cherish every piece I have from there. The history of my love for this company will have to be told another time.
However, back to the story. The marketing department at Tiffany's knows what they're doing. Veyr few things are more magical than these elements together along with Lee Pace and Nat King Cole singing "The Very Thought Of You". Congratulations  you've made me the happiest girl in the world. Throw in a photo shoot taken on the very steps of the library where I work, and currently sitting at? 
My life is made.
Without further adieu, here is the video for the stunning campaign:

Tiffany & Co.: Some Holidays Are Unforgettable from Bagaholicboy on Vimeo.

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