"Authors do not write fiction, they write truth from the point of view of their characters."

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Hello guys!

I hope everyone is doing well whether you're in the Tri-State area and still recovering from Hurricane Sandy or somewhere far away. It's turning cold here in New York, quickly skipping Fall and going straight into Winter. 

I started working at the bookstore yesterday and I'm enjoying being back in the atmosphere very much. I received my schedule however and turns out that I probably won't have a free day off of work until Thanksgiving which is kind of scary. I'll be working at the bookstore four days a week and then at the library the other three. I wish I could go home next weekend for my mom's birthday but rent has to be paid after all. 

There are links on the left side bar of this blog leading to my Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon Wish list and WePay Store. I'd really appreciate it if you could check out the store, I could also use the extra cash since things will be tight this month. Thanks!

In other news, #NaNoWriMo has started out really well for me so far! As of right now I'm up to 4,133 words and keeping up with my 1,666 words a day goal I set for myself. The story is called "The Inventor and the Curious Bookkeeper"set in mid century New York City. I have yet to see Disney's new short "Paperman" but I'm using the images I've seen of the characters as inspiration for my story. I'll give a synopsis when I have a better feel of the plot but the process is working surprisingly brilliant for me. Not being "allowed" to go back and edit my writing frees of the overwhelming need to perfect every sentence. Now I just write without scrutinizing myself.

Nothing else big is going on lately, though I wish I could do more with this little blog of mine besides diary entries. I want to give more to you lovely readers but I don't know my direction yet. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below with suggestions!


  1. Glad to hear the new job is off to a good start! Good luck with your #NaNoWriMo project! :-)