About Me (So Far)

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Ramona Flowers
Some of you have been loyal readers, followers, and friends for the past two years and others of you are very new to my corner of the internet. I figured everyone (myself included) could use a reminder of who I am, and why the hell you should be reading what I have to say. 

My name is Zoë Gulliksen, I'm 22 years old and living in Manhattan, New York. I started really doing damage on the internet in April 2010 when I decided to cosplay as Ramona Flowers at the AnimeNEXT convention in New Jersey. This was before Scott Pilgrim got really big and hardly anyone was sporting the bright wig + goggle look. Scott Pilgrim author Bryan Lee O'Malley retweeted a ton of my pictures and suddenly I had hundreds of followers overnight. 

That July, Midtown Comics in Times Square, held a Scott Pilgrim volume 6 midnight release party where I suggested via twitter that they should hold a costume contest. I went with my best friend Angela (@Angelaplz) and met up with a bunch of people we had befriended online. I ended up coming in 2nd place in the contest (behind a brilliant Wallace Wells), but the following week I was offered a job to co-host  store events. Thus I was plunged into the geek world full time.

I had already been reading comics for a couple years before this happened, but working at a comic shop and blogging online about it escalated my involvement in the industry. I started cosplaying more, most notably as Black Canary, Video Game Ramona Flowers (which I was the very first person on the internet to do so-> Fact) and Peggy Carter from Captain America. If you Google "Zoe Gulliksen Cosplay" you'll be able to find more pictures.

With Scott Snyder,
Trevor Mccarthy & Kyle Higgins
In 2011 I started co-hosting the Midtown Comics Book Club, and filmed a pilot for a reality show based in the store. If you go the Midtown Comics YouTube page you can find all the videos I did with them, including the one I did with Angela at the Scott Pilgrim costume contest! However, be prepared- I act much the doofus in the majority of these videos. ;)

In May of that year I also auditioned and was given a starring role on Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men" A string of crazy and surreal events occurred as a result from that which you can read about all over the internet but it's summed up pretty well HERE. You can also listen to what Kevin Smith had to say about me on his podcast HERE.

With Chris Evans
In Summer of 2011 I started working for The Daily BLAM!, a new entertainment site as a journalist. This turned out to be my big break where I was able to start attending movie screenings and interviewing celebrities. Notable people I've talked with since then include Steven Spielberg, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Frank Oz, Gary Oldman, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleson, Clark Gregg, Nick Frost, and more.

Until May 2012 I was still in college majoring in Creative Writing and Organizational Leadership, juggling school work as well as working at a bookstore, the comic shop, and at The Daily BLAM! However, once I graduated I had to try and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I started working as the Director of Social Media & Events for a start up company in Manhattan which didn't leave me with free time for much else.

In September 2012 I moved to the Upper West Side in Manhattan, the neighborhood of one of my favorite movies "You've Got Mail". I also quit my job at the start up because I didn't like the hostile people working there. I took a month off of everything to figure out what I wanted out of life. I knew I didn't want to be around people I couldn't trust or who treated others cruelly. However, I did know that more than anything I wanted to be around books again.

The New York Public Library
In October I started interning at The New York Public Library handling Social Media & Events as well as working at a bookstore by my apartment, both of which I'm still doing. I'm also writing a lot, go to movie screenings with Pietro @Poni_boy all while enjoying living a quiet though odd life in Manhattan.

So that's a general overview of who I have been and who I am today. You can read more detailed stories about my adventures in previous blog posts here. It's strange to see how I've changed in the past few years, I'm no longer actively involved in the New York comic book community because I have learned that the majority of the people are unnecessarily catty and I have no desire to deal with that. I'm still friends with many people involved and dedicated to comics, I'm just taking a break for a while. My priorities are more focused on making my rent on time and writing my novel. I'm enjoying my ridiculous life, working seven days a week and I'm very thankful that so many of you have cared enough to follow all the endeavors I've gone through.

So back to the question at hand: Why should you read what I have to say? Well, I tweet about my crazy every day life in New York City, I blog about the bigger events such as meeting celebrities, and work events, and I plan on becoming a published author at some point in the near future. (Also, I finished a comic book script in the works). If you ever have doubts ask any of the people who do follow my adventures- they know better than I do! I'm still just a girl trying to make it in the world  and sharing my experiences with you. Thanks for sticking with me<3


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