Once Upon A Time In New York City, Part II

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Hi guys-

I am currently writing this on my iPhone on the floor of my new (and actual) apartment. As most of you know I moved into a temporary apartment a few weeks ago because the previous owner refused to move out on time. I was given a crappy place to stay in the same building with shitty tile floors and a door that was just three pieces of wood nailed together. My hallway smelled like meat cookIng and cigarettes: my two most hated smells.  (#vegetarian #fanofcleanlungs) These reasons made it very hard for me to feel not only comfortable but also safe.

However yesterday I was given the keys to my real apartment with with it's beautiful flooring, stainless steel appliances and door that is all one piece. It is cozy, adorable, and feels very much like home. I even found an awesome lamp I'll tweet a picture of later this week.

I wanted to give you an update because I recieved an overwhelming amount of response from my last blog post. Strangers, old friends, former teachers, and family all reached out to me praising my courage and wishing me luck. Even telling me I inspire them to go after what they want in life. I did not expect this at all, but it brings me great comfortable that something small that I do can positively effect another. I have always been surrounded by people who go after the big dreams: my parents and my closets friends. This applies to everything: your job, relationship, and living situation. Why waste your life with people who you don't passionately love or doing a job you hate? Big things happen to those who go after them.

Anyway, enough of my late night sentiment. I'll post pictures of my tiny adorable apartment soon, once everything is put on its place. But life is good. I spent hours running around Central Park with Pietro and the new puppy Robin, went food shopping and bought that awesome lamp. Tomorrow I get to go to the Taken 2 press event and talk to Liam Neeson.

I know that I am a very lucky person. I am constantly finding myself in great circumstances quite by accident, but I do work very hard to be the best person I can be. This usually means not surrounding myself with people I can't trust and holds close to the ones that make your life better.

And write. Oh how I will write.


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