Selling My Comic Books To Move To NYC!

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Alrighty guys, I'm cleaning out my comic book collection (save for my ultimate favorites) in order to fund my move to New York City. If everything goes right, I'm signing a lease this week which means I'm trying to sell my stuff ASAP.

Many people have been known to sell their beloved comic collections to make their big dreams come true, and anyone who knows me is very well aware that New York has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and now I am SO close, but not without your help.

Below is a list of all the comics I'm selling. Make an offer on the books you want and if you buy a bunch I'll give you a break. Please don't try to be too cheap okay? I'm selling this stuff for a reason and it's breaking my heart.

If you want any of these, email me at  page with the ones you want and an offer price. If you have ANY questions about anything dont hesitate to ask or tweet me (@bookishbelle). All books are in good condition but I can give you more details when you inquire about them. I also have other books signed by the authors made them out to my name that I haven't listed. If you don't care about that, let me know and I'll tell you which books I have. Will ship to Canada/UK as long as you pay for the shipping!

You don't need a paypal account! Each transaction will be paid through WePay, a much better company =) Unless you live in New York City and you can pick them up in person. Each book will come your way with a personal thank you note and something extra if you spend a lot.

Until then-> happy shopping!


-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Absolute Edition Volume One: $150
         -Two huge hard covers, perfect condition except the box slipcase corner is a little squished. 

-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume II: First Printing hardcover

-Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe Book 5 Foil Cover (RARE)

- The Walking Dead Volumes 1 &2 TPB 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

- Justice League New 52 Volume One Origin: Signed by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! $50 (with COA)

-The Amazing Spider-Man Brand New Day Volume 3 hardcover (signed by Dan Slott) $25

- Star Wars Manga: A New Hope (4 books) and Empire Strikes Back (4 books) (In English from Dark Horse)

-Cable and Deadpool TPB Volumes 1 thru 7: $70

-The DC Comics Action Figure Archive Table Top HardCover

My Black Canary comics mean the most to me: she was the first super hero I fell in love with and the first one I cosplayed as. I would not be a comic book fan if it wasn't for her.

-Black Canary Archives Volume One Hardcover
-Green Arrow/Black Canary TPB
      1.) Road to the Alter
      2.) Family Business
      3.) A League of Their Own
      4.) Enemies List

Teen Titans was my other favorite comics. These were the guys that got me into comics and I originally did not want to sell them but alas, I'm doing what I gotta do.

Showcase Presents: Teen Titans
Teen Titans: Ravager Fresh Hell
Teen Titans Spotlight: Wonder Girl
Teen Titans Deathtrap
Titans: Lockdown
Teen Titans: Year One

Teen Titans (2005)
   1.) A Kid's Game
   2.) Family Lost
   3.) Beast Boys & Girls
   4.) The Future Is Now


-Sandman by Neil Gaiman Volumes 1, 2, 6, 10
-Kick Ass by Mark Millar hardcover (my name signed on first page)
- Northlanders by Brian Wood Book Two and Four
- Watchmen
- The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft
- Lost At Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley
- Mercury by Hope Larson (Bryan Lee O’Malley’s wife)

-The Amazing Spider-Man Brand New Day Volume 2 Hardcover
- Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 1
- The Amazing Spider-Man Red Headed Stranger Hardcover
-The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 1
-The Amazing Spider-Man Return of the Black Cat
-The Amazing Spider-Man Flying Blind Hardcover
- Deadpool volume one Secret Invasion
- Deadpool Dark Reign Hardcover
- Deadpool Dark Reign Thunderbolts
-  Deadpool Vs The Marvel Universe
-  Deadpool X Marks the Spot Hardcover
-  Deadpool Suicide Kings Hardcover
-  Wolverine Origins: Volume 5: Deadpool
-  X-Men First Class: The Wonder Years
-  X-Men First Class: Band of Brothers
-  Uncanny X-Men The Extremists
-  X-Men Deadly Genesis
-  The Vision
-  Captain America: Hail Hydra
-  Drax The Destroyer Earthfall
-  X-Men Origins
- The Incredible Hulk Prelude to Planet Hulk
- The Incredible Hulk Tempest Fugit
- Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Volume 2
-  Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 1

- The Death of Superman (first printing)
- Justice League of America The Tornado’s Path Hardcover
-  Green Lantern: Wanted: Hal Jordan Hardcover
- Birds of Prey Brightest Day End Run Hardcover
- All Star Superman Volume One Hardcover
- All Star Superman Volume One and Two (SOLD)
- Green Lantern Revenge of the Green Lanterns
- Green Lantern No Fear
-  Green Lantern The Sinestro Coprs War Volumes One and Two
-  Green Lantern The Road Back
-  Green Lantern Tales of the Sinestro Corps
- Green Lantern Rebirth
- Young Justice A League of Their Own
- Young Justice: Sins of Youth
- Justice League: Midsummer’s Nightmare
- The New Teen Titans Terra Incognito
- Teen Titans Spotlight: Cyborg 

All are in great condition and come in original boxes

-Captain Britain Bowen 80s Bust (764/1600) $50

Diamond Select Storm Comic-Con Exclusive Bust (artists proof #8 / 500) $50

Moon Knight Bowen Designs (2357/5000) $40

Mysterio Bowen Bust (3613/4000) $40

However, if you don't see anything you want but would like to still help out a little, here's a link!



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