Life Updates and Things

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Hello guys!

Considering how busy I have been lately, it looks like I will be posting only on Sundays for now. But if  you would like more frequent updates, check Twitter (@Bookishbelle) or my Tumblr ( for pictures about everything and nothing at all.

My work coffee mug & desk things
My new job at MoviePass is pretty amazing actually. I'm the Social Media & Events Director where I get to talk about movies all day long. I can't explain what we do JUST yet but you should be VERY excited. We launch in August but until then you should follow our Twitter (@MoviePass) and blog ( both of which I am currently taking over. I will also be at SDCC this year to talk about it, so add me to your list of people to say hi to!

I also tried fondue for the first time with Spider writer Dan Slott. (@DanSlott) It all started because I told him that I had a dream that we went out for fondue and so we made it happen. It was quite ironic because we had it on the hottest day of the year so far, but nevertheless it was delicious. I mean, how can you say no to bread and cheese? We felt like Peggy Carter and Howard Stark =P


Reading: Peter and the Starcatcher Annotated Script of the Broadway Play, Strangers in Paradise vol 5 by Terry Moore, and One Fifth Ave by Candice Bushnell. Okay so that last one is 100% a guilty pleasure. I need something to read on a train ride home and picked up this chick fiction at a train station bookstore that did not require a lot of thought process to get through. So far it has way too many characters that are fighting over a 20 million dollar apartment. I wish I had $20 million to fight with.

Strangers is brilliant as always, and if you haven't read this series, I suggest giving it a shot. For years I was reluctant to start it because I didn't quite like the art. Now I'm in love with not only the art but the complicated characters as well. Pick it up.

Peter is the script of the play I loved so dearly, and I was dying to get my hands on this book so I could have a mini speech Molly gives:

"And when I marry, I shall make it very clear to this person-that sentimentality is not on the calendar. He will have to lump it, or leave it. And if he should leave, I'll stay a spinster and pin my hair back and volunteer weekends as hospital. And I will love words for their own sake, like "hyacinth" and "Piccadilly" and "onyx". And I'll have a good old dog, and think what I like, and be part of a different sort of family, with friends, you know? -who understand that things are only worth what you're willing to give up for them."

My review of the book is going up on the Daily BLAM soon, so keep an eye for it.

Listening to: I made Barney's New Year's Eve Playlist from How I Met Your Mother on Spotify and it's been on repeat for a while. My favorites include "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi and "Sail Away"by Styx. 

Watching: This week I saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Brave. Although the writing for Abe was just awful, the cinematography was stunning and overall entertaining. Brave I greatly disliked though. The story was shallow and everything felt forced. This week I'm going to see Ted on Tuesday, another screening on Wednesday (which Pietro hasn't told me what it is yet) and then Spider-Man again on Thursday! I love working in the movie business. ^.^ I also have been having a Digimon: Season 1 marathon with my brother. We are amazed at how good it still is after all these years.

Wanting to: Mhmm. Get back into running shape. Start eating a more balanced diet. I'm a vegetarian, and often I don't get the nutrients and protein I need and as a result I feel lethargic and sick. So this week my goal is to eat MUCH better. I also want to do really well at my job and prove to them that I am invaluable. 

My goal this week is also to be more understanding with people. This next month will try my patience more than I'd like. In the past, when people become too much for me to handle, I simply stop talking to them. Instead, I am learning to just shut up and bear with it. Just because certain circumstances hurt me, I can't expect to be happy with everything. It's just life.

Things I Saw This Week:
Hellboy, Jersey style. As seen upon a train station garbage can

88 cent pregnancy tests, as seen at Wal-mart

That's all for now! I hope everyone is having a good afternoon, and I'll see you on Twitter!


  1. We have a bit in common, but I'm mostly amazed at how well this blog is written! good luck!

  2. When you figure out how to have a more balanced vegetarian diet, let me know. I've been a vegetarian for the past couple of years, and the grad school schedule is taking a toll on my eating habits.

    Oh, and congrats on your new awesome job!

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