Comic Book Men Gives Their Apologies

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Just a quick note everyone! A lot of you have been reading my blog because of my involvement with Kevin Smith's new reality show, Comic Book Men. It's been pretty surreal this week because twitter friends have linked me to articles about the show where I'm mentioned, including The Observer, MTV Geek, and a blog called Mercury Town. (click those names for links to the articles)
It's interesting to be talking about for not having accomplished anything at all. It's even weirder when random people on Twitter will tweet at @BrywaltQ, telling the guys on the show that they wont watch it because of the way they treated me. I have never bashed this show nor have I told anybody NOT to watch it. I'm looking forward to it very much! The only time I was upset was when Walt said I shouldn't have showed up at their comic shop half naked in my Black Canary costume on their podcast.

I was deeply offended by this because the producers of the show during filming had told me specifically to wear my Black Canary costume to the shop. I didn't understand why I had been yelled at by Walt for wearing what producers had told me to wear. But that's show business guys.

This morning I politely addressed Twitter this morning: "Guys, I don't appreciate berating  on my behalf. I'll be watching the show tonight & I hope it does well! Dont be mean to anyone." And for the first time, Walt and the guys contacted me directly in response to all this hoopla on the internet.

In case the picture looks blurry to you, they quoted what I had said and added, "You clearly have more class than I. It shouldn't have taken you saying it, but I sincerely apologize for any remarks I made that hurt you. I'm a reactionary type when mine are attacked & you paid for the other girl's remarks. Again, apologies."

I will admit that this meant an enormous deal to me. All this confusing and conflict cleared up just in time for the show to premiere tonight at 10pm on AMC! I'll be tuning in after The Walking Dead, and I hope you guys will too!


I was just told via Twitter that Bryan said the tweets from this morning, not Walt. But Walt apologized apparently the day after the podcast, I just wasn't aware of it. So there's that!


I would also like to add a link to a post I wrote last year after interviewing Kevin Smith in March 2011. People have asked me about what it was like to meet Smith, and here are all the details again =) READ HERE


  1. That's very cool of him, and only right. I think it's a shame that the producers were so off the mark with these guys. I didn't have a great experience either. When I brought in my two issues of Amazing Spiderman #121 and #122(Death of Gwen Stacey arc) for the show I was told that they wanted to hear all about the books and how I got them. Nope they pretty much ignored me and just busted each others chops. But as you said producers say what they need to to get the show together.

  2. That's cool. From what you've said, it seems the whole situation got pretty distorted. I definitely plan on tuning in tonight!

  3. I tried watching it but it was boring. The Batman and Robin sketch by Bob Kane was pretty awesome, though.

  4. Does anyone actually watch this dreadful show? Very painful! I mean how many comic book collectors are there? Who's running the ship (into the ground) at AMC? Good grief !!!