Sunday Night Catching Up

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Hey guys!

Time sure does fly when you're busy as all hell. As I've mentioned before I'm taking 7, SEVEN, classes in order to graduate college in May. January is already over and I'm one step closer to having to face the real world. I'm completely ready and itching to get out of college, unlike most of my classmates. I'm majoring in Creative Writing and Organizational Leadership, which is ALL READING. I print out hundreds of pages worth of articles and plays a week, plus hundreds of pages of reading in multiple books. 

This past week has been one of the rougher ones, when people from your past come back and you find out that what happened didn't actually happen. I'm not going to disclose much more, except that if a guy is in a relationship, he should not be in love with other girls. 

Highlights of this week however, DO include:

1.) Seeing The Artist, finally! I loved it, but it was not what I thought it was going to be. Honestly I thought the movie was going to be a romance, at least that's what I remember from watching the trailers. But the film focused more on George's journey than on his relationship with Peppy. Despite my disappointment on lack of kissing scenes, I enjoyed it tremendously. There was not much of a plot, but I guess that's what happens when your characters don't talk.

Angela & I in our LOTR shirts!
2.) Going to the One Man Lord of the Rings show with my best friend, Angela! For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you may recall Angela and I going to see all the extended LOTR films in theaters over the summer and crying our eyes out. Our mutual love of hobbits is what made us friends, even though we are very different people.  The one man show was campy and ridiculous and amazing. Here is the website for more information: I would recommend it to all LOTR fans, but ONLY those of you who have seen the films multiple times. The show is full of obscure lines and references, and its easy to get lost.

I also found out about a couple of future press events I'm attending! At the end of the month I will be interviewing Robert De Niro and Rachel Weisz for their upcoming film, Being Flynn. I also received confirmation that I will be attending The Avengers red carpet premiere later this year! I did lots of screaming when I was told =)

That's all for now. This week is also incredibly busy with Toy Fair and Social Media Week next week! I have papers to write and homework to do and my bookstore job on campus. I get overwhelmed a lot, and terribly anxious about everything, but I'm trying. I'm trying.

Sketches from the comic!
What I'm MOST excited about, however, is a current project of mine! I just finished writing my first comic book script, something I never thought I would do. I'm a horrible screenwriter and I don't like it very much because I'm a die hard prose writer. But I was approached by an artist I respect very much to write a story he had in mind, and I  loved  it. Granted, the story is about my friends and I, but the theme means a lot to me. I just finished the first draft and I emailed it out to the people involved and I'm nearly jumping out of my skin waiting to hear what everyone thinks.

That's it for tonight, hope everyone is doing well!

Toootles =^.^=


  1. From what you posted on Tumblr, I know how it feels about having someone from your past hurt you like that, because it's happened to me. Twice. What matters is your life is going pretty damn well by the looks of it. Here's looking forward to graduation!

  2. 7 classes? yikes! I had a hard enough time with 3 classes when I was in college.

    For your sake, I hope you get off social media until May. good luck!