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In high school (years 2006-2007) I worked at The Home News Tribune, a predominant newspaper in New Jersey. As you can see in the images below I was 16 and 17 when I wrote these. Recently I found my copies of some of the articles I wrote and wanted to share them with you all. What I gather from re-reading these is that teenagers shouldn't be allowed to publish in state wide papers, and my angry nerd opinions haven't changed. Click on the images to enlarge.

Monday May 14th, 2007
 (I guess I have always been unapologetic in movie reviews. but seriously, Spider-Man 3 was an awful movie)

Monday February 12, 2007
(This is like a 16 year old's Tumblr post. Except published for the most densely populated state in the US to read)

Monday September 18th, 2006

(For most of my adolescence, Mark and Nathan were my best friends. Sarah was one of my favorite friends from high school and we were also on the same swim team as Rebecka. Needless to say I was a biased journalist and just wanted an excuse to interview my friends.)

Monday February 26th 2007
 (Again, a 16 year old Tumblr-like post published in a paper. What the hell. How did I get away with publishing an angst filled piece quoting: Something Corporate, The All-American Rejects, Gregory and the Hawk, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Switchfoot, Wicked The Musical, and Coheed and Cambria???)

Monday October 2 2006
(My 1st assignment that I didn't pitch to my editor: I had to go check out this popular club and report what I saw. I was a nerdy & bookish teenager, so I dreaded going. But I got to go with Mark and interview my friends from school so it wasn't so bad.)

Monday October 2, 2006
(I don't remember this show at all, except that it didn't last very long)

Monday October 20, 2006
(This is probably the most important article I wrote and I am proud of this one)


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