Fan Art


Here is a collection of all the fan art pieces given to me over the past couple of years. I am so honored to have fans and friends that are such great artists!

This is the latest piece done for me by the incredible Javey.

This is my previous blog header also by the amazing Javey

This was a gift to me, of myself as Misfit ,done by the incredible Jamal Igle

A piece done by one of my favorite artists, El Hino.

I LOVE this piece so much, it was done by El Hino as well.

This piece is called "Never Sleeps" and is by Chris Flocco. I love how he put in my Paperman tattoo, Empire State Building, and Captain America necklace!

This is piece was also done by Javey, based off of the Black Canary Wedding Planner # 1 cover
Javey had me trip over my Black Canary costume, adding in a Spoiler cape, my geek jacket, my favorite comics, and my Ramona bag! Truly an incredible piece.


The first two pictures were sketched by El Hino, but I can't remember who did the third =/

Chris Flocco did this awesome piece depicting me as a Sith in New York City

This sketch by El Hino is one of my favorites

This portrait was also done by Javey

I can't remember for the life of me who sent this amazing piece, but it perfectly captures me.

This was the first header featured on my very first blog

My dear friend Juan Albarran did the one on the left, from the comic we are doing together. The one on the right I can't remember who did it =/

This piece was also done by Chris Flocco

This was done by Rei Padilla (@Happyutensil

I found this picture on my computer someone sent me but now I can't remember who. It's modeled after a shot from a Ramona Flowers photo shoot

This piece was done by Javey as well, who based it off my short story "Last Christmas"


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