The Force For Fun: 'Wookiee Mistake'

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Two of my favorite companies, Pringles and Star Wars have put together "The Force For Fun" promotion which resulted in over a thousand fan made ideas to be crowdsourced on Now, after months of hard work, there is only seven final videos competing for the grand prize of $25,000 and to be chosen as Pringles national advertisement! As I mentioned before, I was chosen to be a The Force For Fun Influencer so I'll be bringing you behind the scenes footage and the chance to win your own Star Wars and Pringles swag! 

The first video was 'Jim vs Vader'This week I'm bringing you the second of seven commercials:
Here is the video by Jordan Allen, Luke Rocheleau and Brooke Dooley, team "Side of Fries" called 'Wookie Mistake'

The best part about this contest is that hardcore Star Wars fans are the ones creating these commercials, which adds that extra spark. Fans who love these movies are the ones bringing you the advertisements, so they know what other fans would love to see! Make sure you go to to check out the seven The Force For Fun videos!

 Here are some behind the scenes with Jordan, Luke, and Brooke!
Now here is your chance to win some swag! Last week Laura Begley won cans of Pringles and a Star Wars usb stick! This week you can win more Pringles and an adorable Ewok!
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Also, check out Google+ Hangout featuring all seven filmmakers as well as Lucasfilm and Pringles reps.


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