Spotlight: Bone Collection

, by Zoë Gulliksen

One of the first companies I fell in love with at the New York International Gift Fair was Bone Collection, a brand that sells accessories for the iPhone, iPad, & iPod as well as flash drives and bags. They originate from Taiwan and are well known for their mascot, Maru the Penguin. 

Bone's manifesto states: "Bone cares about our environment as well as great design. The high quality environmental silicone without heavy metal is 100% degradable. The changeable coats for the USB drives allow you to have a whole new product with no need to make unnecessary consumption. The most environmentalfriendly design is the best design which makes consumers keeping the products longer. Preserve the environment and treasure our design explains why Bone is green."

Bone's products are durable and green, which satisfies my geek without compromising my eco friendly mentality. The iPhone pouches are made of micorfiber, so your phone stays clean & clear all day. They have a line of Chinese Zodiac Flash Drives that are some of the cutuest and badass flash drives I have ever seen. Maru is one of my favorite parts about this brand because their USB drives featuring him are simple and still iconic. You can purchase Maru on a mug, iPhone pouch or cord wrap. My calendar featuring his adventures is one of the highlights of my day.

You can find the Bone collection online at & and like them on Facebook
Update: Bone Collection tweeted this morning: "‏@BoneSA
BIG NEWS! Our online store will be launching on Friday! There will be some great opening specials and great deals, so stay tuned!" You heard the penguin!

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