, by Zoë Gulliksen

Many people have asked my what the story is behind my *wish* tweets they have seen so often. I've given quick responses but I think it's high time that I write up the full back story, just in time for Father's Day. 

My dad used to fly airplanes. When he was a kid his neighbor, Mr. Fitzgerald, was a pilot for Pan Am and would take my dad flying. As he grew older, my dad wanted to be a professional pilot, however he couldn't support a family on the salary so he took a job working in Manhattan wearing a suit and tie. 

Many years ago my dad gave mea book called "The Man Who Ate the 747" and it was signed by the author, Ben Sherwood. This book is a very simple tale about the lengths a man would go to prove his love, and the people who are affected by this devotion. My copy is currently packed away for my impending move this summer, but one of my favorite quotes is found all over the Internet:

We chase wild dreams and long for all that eludes us, when the greatest joys are within our grasp, if we only recognize them.

This book made an impact on me, as did my love of flying from my dad. The number 747 represented what I loved most about planes: the adventurous notion of being able to fly anywhere you want. The romance of air ports. The thrill of take off during a flight. Proof in a metal contraption that men can indeed fly. The number 747 went on to mean a lot of things to me, including inspiring my favorite year: 1947. In the beginning this number just represented WWII, a time period and culture that I'm obsessed with. However, that year has gone on to mean so much more.

The DC Comics character Black Canary first appeared in August of 1947. It was also the year of the infamous Black Dahlia crime, when Miracle on 34th Street premiered in theaters, when the Polaroid Camera is introduced in New York City, and Stephen King was born. Many Captain America comics also take place during this year.

The Boeing 747 plane was first introduced by Pan Am in January 1970. All of these things are what drive my love of the number 747, as well as my passion for Pan Am history. Most people wish when they catch 11:11 on the clock, however I will tweet a simple *wish* whenever I catch 7:47. It represents adventure, seemingly impossible dreams, true love, and a desire for something more.


  1. That is very deep and poetic. I was way off on my guess for it.

  2. Every time I see that tweet float past in the stream I keep meaning to ask why, now with a this beautifully told reason I'll smile every time I see it :)