Jay Baruchel Encounter, Johnny Wander Meeting, & CulturSHOCK News!

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Hey guys!

This has been one of the craziest and most exhausting weeks I can remember. Those from Twitter may recall the horrendous professor episode on Tuesday (where for no apparent reason a professor told me in a meeting that I was not competent enough to pass the 7 classes I'm taking) but that was quickly dealt with after filing a complaint to a dean. 

I always look goofy in celeb pictures
I also finally met my biggest celebrity crush, Jay Baruchel! My one on one interview was combined with a bunch of other journalists, which was unfortunate but actually for the better. About 15 journalists sat at a conference table with Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber and Sean Williams Scott for their new movie Goon. As the talent walked in the room, Baruchel sat down, looked around and noticed me right away from across a crowded room! He made eye contact, grinned and said, "Hey! It's you!" I practically melted and just grinned like an idiot. He recognized me from talking on twitter all these months (I guess cause I'm a stalker *sigh*)

The conference mostly centered around hockey and less on the movie, which meant that I was a bit lost, but it was alright because I honestly was so star struck that I could not trust myself to ask a question without faltering. I was shaking more than when I talked with Spielberg in December! After the conference was over, I waited while other journalists hounded the talent pictures and such. Baruchel then came over, gave me a hug and said we needed to take a picture together!  So we did and he signed my Fanboys DVD and the special edition comic on the inside while I attempted to appear normal. Other journalists tried to intervene but he ignore them =) Of course I could HARDLY SPEAK AT ALL. I was speechless. A fangirl mess.

Bathroom Shot!
You can dress me up in professional clothes, give me questions to ask, and put the intellectual glasses on my silly face but you cannot take the fangirl out of me. And so Baruchel gave me another huge hug and took another picture with me and my life was made. I was shaking for the next two hours. In fact I'm shaking now as I'm typing this because it was so amazing, minus me being a mess. For YEARS on the internet I've been known for my massive crush on Baruchel. The amount of fangirling and money I've spent on this crush is well....rather absurd. 

However I know he and I will cross paths again! After all, he's in my comic book so I have to ask his permission to use his name & likeness =) Speaking of which, I hope you all have seen the first page of my new comic, "EPiC"! (Just look one post below this one) The last panel of the page is currently the background on my computer, SO PERFECT.

Friday night I also had the honor of co-hosting the Midtown Comics Book Club with writer Ananth Panagariya and illustrator Yuko Ota of the webcomic Johnny Wander of www.johnnywander.com. It was crazy seeing them walk in the store because they look EXACTLY like their characters (as they are meant to) and it was very surreal. They even brought along their room mates and fellow characters in the book John and Conrad, who in turn commented on behind the scenes adventures of a bunch of the stories in the book. If you guys haven't checked out this comic, RUN! GO READ IT NOW! No seriously, its a great collection and they are fantastic people, so I give my stamp of approval.

And now just a normal Sunday listening to the Tony Bennett cd I bought yesterday, which was the greatest purchase I made all week. I love the hell out of his other albums, and I can never get enough of him, Norah Jones, and Michael Buble. 

We also released the official logo for the new website I'm going to be Editor in Chief of, CulturSHOCK! Tomorrow I'll reveal my amazing crew of writers for you all =) (Just remind me if I forget....)

And I think that's it for now! I'm still taking applications for an LA based journalist (details HERE) so forward it to your peeps on the West coast if you know of anybody interested! 

I'm also taking applications for anyone who can make me Toothless/Pascal stuffed animal, as shown here--->

Until next time!

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