On Talking to Jay Baruchel, Sabatoging Weddings, & What True Friendship Is

, by Zoë Gulliksen

Twitter is forever granting the dreams of a simple girl from Jersey. I mean, every single incredible and unbelievable opportunity I've had in the past year & a half is because of 140 characters. Last night was one such example.

One of the aspects I'm most known for is my ultimate crush on actor Jay Baruchel. He starred in Fanboys, Tropic Thunder, Sorcerer's Apprentice, How to Train Your Dragon, and many others. He's nerdy and endearing and I just have always had a weakness for that voice. I am often found fangirling over him on Twitter & Tumblr. 

Last night, Fanboys was on Comedy Central and I tweeted to him and Dan Fogler (whom I've met twice this year). And sure enough Baruchel tweeted me back, TWICE! Evidence here:

I then posted this same image on my facebook, in which the following occurred:

Angela is my best friend (we're dating on facebook, which caused such a chaos because for a while all my Filipino relatives thought I was a lesbian. Many fun family dinners followed.) Even though Angela and I are complete opposites, she's majoring in Neuro Science & Biology for crying out loud, there are a few main reasons why we are friends. This is a perfect example of such.
The brownie incident mentioned above is referring to the night I found Jay Baruchel was engaged to Alison Pill. I was not a fan of her to begin with, so my reactive was not pleasant. Okay, I stomped around the house yelling in anger causing my family to threaten to throw me out if I didn't shut up. Angela however understood my pain. The conversation went as followed:
Angela: "Hey guys! How-"
Angela: "What happened now?"
Angela: "What the fuck? To who? Is that what happened here?"
(Angela points to table, which is covered in broken up pieces of a brownie tray that was both under and over cooked. It was a fucking mess.)
Zoë: "He's engaged to fugly girl from Scott Pilgrim."
Angela: "Which one?"
Zoë: "Kim Pine. The drummer girl with the big ass forehead that was also in Dan In Real Life."

We then proceeded to Google the hell out of both of them. She was very sympathetic because if Joseph Gordon Levitt was engaged to someone "fugly" it would be a cause for mourning. Because this is what true friendship is about: plotting to sabotage the wedding of a celebrity you probably wouldn't actually like in real life. But willing to commit illegal actions is the definition of a best friend.

(These events are not to be mixed up with the time that we actually did sabotage a wedding. That is a story for a different time.)

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  1. Finally, someone understands my pain!! As well as my own obsession with Jay. Of all fucking people... why her?! Let me know when this sabotage is happening, I'll meet you there :)