On Being a Cartoon

, by Zoë Gulliksen

I have always wanted to be a cartoon character. An action figure. A Sailor Scout. One of the Barney kids who just sang all day and went to school where a big purple blog taught you things like how to fly on magic carpets.  Thankfully not all your dreams as a little kid comes true, but some do! Such as my amazing header for this blog, done by the ever talented Javey Villones! You can find his deviantart page here!

Just check out this amazing Ramona he did!

Javey  took all my favorite things (being lazy in bed, reading, chilling with a tauntaun named Waffles) and turned me into a stunning digital form that definitely has a better rack than I do. But she also has on my signature green chucks, which is pretty amazing. If you look, you can also see more of my most adored possessions such as my Ramona bag, my favorite comics (points to those who can point them out!) and I'm reading my most favorite book of all time: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

Javey also did this fantastic portrait of me a couple of months back. I wish my hair looked this cool in real life. Thats basically the allure of being a cartoon, right? Having wicked hair (Seriously, that age old complaint that Disney Princesses gave all of us poor expectations when it comes to the volume one's hair can reach. Meg, nobody's hair looks like that, especially not with that waist!) Being in the digital world is a lot more appealing. Just ask the digidestineds!

So thanks Javey for granting me one of my better childhood wishes!


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