Last Christmas Art

, by Zoë Gulliksen

I had quite an adventurous weekend, and I plan on giving you all a big recap tomorrow! before then however, I had to show you all an incredible piece of art a friend of mine did.

Javey Villones ( was inspired by a short piece I wrote titled "Last Christmas" and drew this moment from it. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

“You ought to pick your fights better,” Marion said, as she dragged the stranger into her worn, but cozy dressing room. “Thickler isn’t exactly the best choice to tussle with.”

“I didn’t start anything,” the man said, as she plopped him down in the little golden chair at her vanity. “I just couldn’t take him talking shit about….”

Marion sighed, getting a good look at him. He was younger but taller than she thought he was, with dark hair and a day’s worth of scruff. And covered in blood.

“God, take this,” she said, pulling off one of her long gloves and pushing it under his bleeding nose. “Hold that there.” 

To read the whole piece, click HERE

He captured the characters beautifully and perfectly, the attire and the backdrop is exactly what I had in my mind. I cannot thank him enough. =)


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