2013 Academy Awards Predictions & Wishes

, by Zoë Gulliksen

I have not seen all the movies up for Oscar nominations so this list is a compilation of my own personal and very biased opinions in every category. I like guessing who actually wins compared to who I want to win. In the past I have had excellent Academy Season (such as when Lord of the Rings Return oft he King won 11 Oscars) and I have had bad years ( when 'Gran Torino' was snubbed and Sandra Bullock won Best Actress, events I will never stop complaining about).

This year I have strong opinions on certain matters, such as Daniel Day-Lewis should win Best Actor hands down for his heart breaking portrayal of Lincoln. I also would love for 'Argo' to win but Ben Affleck was snubbed for Best Director so I am uncertain that he'll win the Oscar. However, most of all I want the Disney's 'Paperman' to win Best Animated Short Film (for obvious reasons). 

And so without further adieu, here is who I think should/will take home Oscars tonight:

Best Picture:
'Argo' (I don't think it will win but it by far the best movie I've seen all year. Lincoln might win)
Actor in a Leading Role:
        Daniel Day-Lewis (Without a single doubt in my mind)
Actress in a Leading Role:
 Jennifer Lawrence (I have no solid opinion on this, anybody could win at this point)
Actor in a Supporting Role:
Christoph Waltz (He will probably win but I would also be happy with Tommy Lee Jones)
Actress in a Supporting Role:
Anne Hathaway (Hands down.)
Animated Feature Film:
'Wreck-It-Ralph' (This movie should win because it was the best but I have a feeling 'Brave' will)
'Life of Pi' (This will probably win but 'Django' equally deserves it)
Costume Design:
'Les Miserables'
Steven Spielberg (Affleck & Tarantino were both snubbed, so Spielberg will easily win)
Documentary Feature Film:
'Searching For Sugar Man' (I didn't see any of these films but this has the most buzz online)
Documentary Short:
Open Heart' (Same as above)
Film Editing:
'Argo' (This film had me me literally on the edge of my seat. It NEEDS to win this.)
Foreign Language Film:
             'Amour' (This was also nominated for best picture, so it'll probably take home this category)
Makeup & Hairstyling:
'The Hobbit' (I did not enjoy this movie but the Academy seems to like the team so perhaps)
'Lincoln' (John Williams did the score, enough said.)
Original Song:
              'Skyfall' by Adele (I mean really, how can this song not win?)
Production Design:
'Life of Pi'
Animated Short Film:
              'Paperman' ( 'Adam & Dog' is the only other film that could win but I would be shocked if 'Paperman' didn't win.)
Live Action Short Film:
'Curfew' (I haven't seen any of these but this movie has the most buzz.)
Sound Editing:
'Argo' (But 'Django' equally deserves it)
Sound Mixing:
'Les Miserables' (They shot all the music LIVE. Seriously.) 
Visual Effects:
'The Avengers' ('Life of Pi' might win because it's a favorite. 'The Hobbit' had horrible effects other than the scenes with Gollum.)
Adapted Screenplay:
Original Screenplay:
            'Django Unchained' (Tarantino 100% deserves this but the Oscar might go to 'Zero Dark Thirty')

Do you strongly agree or disagree with any of my predictions? Call me out! I want to know what everyone else thinks too!

1 comment:

  1. hmm interesting choices.
    Here are mine!

    Best Picture:
    Amour(I could be happy if beast of the southern wild wins.)

    Actor in a leading role:
    Daniel Day-Lewis

    Actress in a leading role:
    Emmanuelle Riva(Probably the best performance of the whole bunch.)

    Actor in a Supporting Role:
    Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Actress in a Supporting Role:
    Anne Hathaway

    Animated Feature Film:

    Lincoln(Amour should win but it didn't get nominated.)

    Michael Haneke(He created a true masterpiece with Amour.)

    Foreign Language Film:
    Amour(To bad Jagten didn't get nominated, in a perfect world it would win so many Oscars.)

    Live Action Short Film:
    Death of a shadow(Belgium pride)

    Adapted Screenplay:
    Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Original Screenplay:
    Amour(But i think the Oscar will go to Tarantino.)